The Marketing Department
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About The Marketing Department

We take great pride in the quality of our work.

Nothing is final until we and our clients are happy with our creations, and only then do we sign our work Created by The Marketing Department in Scotland.

We are a creative, practical agency helping the private, public and third sectors achieve results from the very best branding, campaigns, design and events management. We work across multiple industries including childcare, hospitality, recruitment and professional services. Most of our clients are in Scotland but we have also worked with organisations across the globe, including in Italy, the Republic of Ireland and Australia.

Based in Glasgow, our experienced and dedicated team are adept at working across multiple channels and we make sure to keep an eye on emerging marketing methods, trends and resources. Our clients trust us to handle confidential and commercially sensitive information that we need to deliver effective campaigns and to work as part of their internal teams. 

The Marketing Department has a large network of established PR agencies, video creators, photographers, retail consultants, sign makers and software developers who we can call in to help with specific aspects of large projects. These connections have been developed because we understand the importance of collaborative working and the positive outcome of working with other creative professionals.