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Aberdeenshire Council Passports

Passport to Aberdeenshire


The GetAbout Partnership is a multi-agency consortium of public sector organisations in Aberdeenshire. It is committed to encouraging and supporting people to be more active, to access public services and to consider different modes of transport when doing so.

We were previously commissioned to design graphics highlighting a number of landmarks around Aberdeenshire. The assets have been well received and a decision was made to use the designs to engage with young school pupils. It was decided a 'passport' was the obvious way to do this. The passport would have the usual about page where the kids could fill in their own information and include a picture or drawing of themselves. Each page of the passport would focus on one of the landmarks which also included a stamp, the kids could add the date of their visit to each of the stamps.

Aberdeenshire Council, GetAbout Partnership
Graphic design, asset design + production
3 weeks